Ultimate Harmony Package Services

30 Min Massage & 30 Min Mini Facial

$ 119 / 60 min

bronze package

$ 169 / 90 min

Silver package

$ 199 / 100 min

Gold Package

$ 249 / 120 min

Package services offer benefits that extend far beyond the appearance of your skin, positively impacting your overall physical and mental health. Here are the advantages and effects that our package services can provide:

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Relaxation Package(90min head Spa Package) - 90 Minutes

This package combines mini beauty therapy, steam masks, and a 60-minute herbal ginger therapy. Mini beauty therapy helps restore the freshness and radiance of your skin, while the steam mask deeply nourishes your hair and scalp. Finally, the 60-minute herbal ginger therapy offers a comprehensive physical and mental therapy, promoting hair growth, alleviating stress, and enhancing sleep.

Skin Rejuvenation Package(30min facial/ 30min massage) - 60 Minutes

This package includes a half-hour mini beauty treatment and a half-hour abdominal lymphatic detox massage. The mini beauty treatment focuses on cleansing and refreshing your skin, removing impurities and dirt, while providing a gentle facial massage for a rejuvenated feeling. Meanwhile, the abdominal lymphatic detox massage promotes lymphatic fluid circulation, helping clear toxins from your body, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Mind and Body Enhancement Package - 100 Minutes

This package encompasses mini beauty therapy, steam masks, herbal ginger therapy, and concludes with restorative essential oil lymphatic drainage. It aims to provide holistic body therapy, improving your appearance and promoting overall physical and mental health.

Luxury Package - 120 Minutes

This package includes deep beauty treatments, head therapy, and lymphatic drainage massage. The deep beauty treatment employs the distinctive egg detoxification therapy to cleanse your skin. The head therapy focuses on herbal ginger therapy, and the lymphatic drainage massage helps boost the immune system and reduce swelling, supporting the body's natural healing process.

Improvement in Skin Texture

Package services focus on cleansing and revitalizing your skin, eliminating impurities and dirt, leaving your skin refreshed and healthy.

Deep Nourishment

Certain package services, such as steam masks and herbal ginger therapy, provide deep nourishment to your hair, scalp, and skin, resulting in a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Pain Relief

For those experiencing shoulder and neck pain, a head spa with ginger can offer relief. The therapeutic massage techniques, combined with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of ginger, help ease pain and tension in these areas.

Stress Reduction

The massages and therapeutic elements during package treatments help relax your body, reduce daily stress, and promote mental well-being.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

After a series of package services, you may experience better sleep as they aid in stress reduction, rejuvenation, and improved sleep patterns.

Hair Growth Promotion

Some package services, like herbal ginger therapy, stimulate hair growth, leading to thicker and healthier hair.

Improved Skin Tightness

Specialized package treatments, such as facial enhancement care, utilize massage techniques and advanced machinery to tighten the skin, preventing sagging.

Lymphatic Detoxification

Lymphatic drainage massages facilitate the flow of lymphatic fluids, eliminating toxins from the body and enhancing the immune system.

These comprehensive packages are designed to offer all-encompassing physical and mental therapy. Whether you seek beauty enhancement, stress relief, or complete rejuvenation, our professional team provides personalized care to meet your needs, bringing profound healing and revitalization.

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